One of the most famous guesthouses near Vlădeasa Peak, for accommodation and meals, is Dariana Guesthouse and La Bogdan Guesthouse, belonging to the Green Mountain Resort in the Apuseni Mountains.

Vlădeasa Peak is part of the Apuseni Mountains in the Western Carpathians, Romania. Here you can find accommodation at Dariana Guesthouse and La Bogdan Guesthouse in Scrind Frăsinet, Mărgău commune, Cluj county. Guests staying at the guesthouse in Apuseni appreciate the hikes to Vlădeasa Peak, which is the highest peak in Apuseni at 1836 m altitude.

Location of Vlădeasa Peak compared to Dariana and La Bogdan guesthouses

Find accommodation at our resort located in the south of the Vlădeasa Massif near Răchițele Valley, 10 km from Vălul Miresei Waterfall in Mărgău commune. Vlădeasa Peak is fenced in the south by Crișul Pietros –Boga River – Şaua Cuciulat –Răchițele Valley respectively the Bihor Mountains.

70 km west from our resort is Pădurea Craiului Mountains with Valea Iadei located about an hour and a half drive from the Green Mountain Resort.

To the east, Vlădeasa Massif borders are Săcuieului Valley and the Hențului Valley. Book your accommodation and enjoy your meals in the Vlădeasa Massif at the guesthouse and restaurant within the Green Mountain Mărgău resort, Apuseni.

One hour to the north is Crișul Repede, Crișului Valley where you will find tourist attractions from Apuseni such as Vadul Crișului Waterfall, Batrânului Cave, Galănesti Cave and others.

Tourist attractions for those staying in guesthouses in the Vlădeasa Area

Staying at the guesthouse in Apuseni Mountains you have the following tourist attractions:

  • Vălul Miresei from Răchițele, Mărgău commune, Cluj county, next to Dariana Guesthouse and La Bogdan Guesthouse.
  • Pietrele Albe area located in the south of the Vlădeasa Massif, where there are numerous caves and peaks. We frequently organize hiking, climbing, offroad, horse riding and bike tours from the guesthouses to Pietrele Albe.
  • Lespezi Peak located in the immediate vicinity of the guesthouses in Apuseni, this is a suitable place for people who spend their stay in the mountains, vacations and hollidays or people who just like hiking.
  • Valea Alunișului from Răchițele, Mărgău commune, Cluj county. It can be explored by mountain hiking, horseback riding or you can rent bikes from the resort in Apuseni.
  • Dealul Domnului Hill from Rogojel, Săcuieu commune, Cluj county. Plant lovers can admire rare tree species such as black pine, larch and sequoia. The most sought after and appreciated tree by our tourists is the Sequoia tree, over 100 years old.
  • The Bologa Medieval Fortress, in Poieni commune built seven centuries ago, is 19 km from the Green Mountain Resort.
  • The water mill or the whirlpool at Bologa is only 20 minutes from the Apuseni resort.
  • “OCTAVIAN GOGA” Memorial Museum – Ciucea, Ciucea commune, Cluj county, located 30 km from the resort, it can be visited from Monday to Sunday.

Apuseni Padiș Natural Park was established in 2004 and has approximately 76,000 ha. The guesthouse, restaurant and SPA & Wellness in Scrind Frăsinet, Mărgău commune is on the border of the Apuseni Natural Park and 30 km on the road from Răchitele to the Apuseni Padis Natural Park. In the Apuseni Natural Park there are many tourist attractions, waterfalls, caves, lakes and the most unique landscapes in Apuseni. Among the leisure activities in the Apuseni Natural Park are mountain hiking, mountain biking, cyclotourism, skiing, alpine skiing, climbing, rock climbing, ice climbing, canoeing, paddleboarding, rafting and kayaking. Also, those who arrive in the area of ​​the Vlădeasa Massif appreciate rural tourism specific to Țara Moților, cave tourism and observing nature in the Apuseni Mountains.

Cetățile Ponorului are located in the Padiș Plateau in the Apuseni Natural Park and is the largest karst complex in the Apuseni and in Romania.

Cetățile Ponorului cave can be explored on the surface as well as underground up to the “Sala Taberei” room with lighting and rubber boots. Cetățile Ponorului cave is explored in depth by specialist speleologists because it requires special equipment, boats, ropes, etc.

Beliș – Fântânele Lake is an artificial lake built for hydropower purposes which is now an important tourist attraction in Apuseni with accommodation, restaurants, various recreational activities in nature such as: boating, water skiing, fishing, kayaking, swimming, visiting the Church under the lake etc.

Doda Pilii

Magura Dealul Botii

Drăganului Valley with the Floroiu (Drăgan) dam, the springs of the Drăganului Valley and the Moara Drăcului Waterfall.

Tourist routes to Vlădeasa Peak

Tourists staying at La Bogdan Guesthouse and Dariana Guesthouse who are hiking to Vlădeasa Peak from Apuseni prefer routes departing from:

Răchițele Waterfall / Vălul Miresei next to Pietrele Albe;

Rogojel Village

Valea Drăganului (near the Moara Dracului Waterfall).

Recommended route:

Rogojel Village – Vlădeasa Cabin – Vlădeasa Peak (1835m) and Meteorological Cabin – Pietrele Albe – Văul Miresei Waterfall – Răchițele Valley – Răchițele village.