Apuseni hikes, trails and trips

Green Mountain Resort situated in Scrind Frăsinet Village – Mărgău, nearby Apuseni National Park Reservation is organising by request trips, hikes and recreation itineraries for our guests from Dariana Guesthouse and La Bogdan Guesthouse.

Guided trips in Apuseni Mountains

Our guests are often choose to explore the surroundings by themselves or with personal guide.

In same manner, for those who want teambuildings, conferences, weddings and private parties in our Green Mountain Resort they have the option to personalize guided tours in Apuseni Mountains.

The most requested mountain tours are:

Vălul Miresei Waterfall - Pietrele Albe tour

Discover new places in Apuseni Mountains and empower your body by exercising on a mountain hike and climbing the Pietrele Albe Wall near Vlădeasa Peak. This hike from Apuseni Mountains can be done by beginners, by those who love nature and mountain hiking. The mountain trail is medium difficulty and has the starting point at Dariana Guesthouse and La Bogdan Guesthouse or from Vălul Miresei Waterfall.

The hike on the Vălul Miresei Waterfall and Pietrele Albe route from the Vlădeasa Mountain has as its main objectives:

-Vălul Miresei Waterfall / Răchițele Waterfall, the most spectacular waterfall in Apuseni, with a height of 30 m within  2 steps.

-Pietrele Albe from the Vlădeasa Peak, the calcareous formation, with an overall view of the Apuseni Mountains.

The mountain trail is approximately 15 km long if you start from the Vălul Miresei Waterfall in Răchițele. The duration of the hike on the Vălul Miresei Waterfall route to Pietrele Albe is approximately 3-4 hours with breaks included.

From the Green Mounten Resort Restaurant to Vălul Miresei Waterfall, there are 9 km lenght that can be covered by rented bikes provided by our resort or by car.

Tips and Equipment:

  • For hiking on the mountain we recommend you to take layers, t-shirt, fleece, waterproof jacket,
  • optional trekking poles
  • backpack with: change of clothes, a bottle of water, a snack


The hikes on the Răchițele Waterfall and Pietrele Albe route are recommended for tourists of all ages, being preferred by families with children, those who come in team buildings, groups who are beginners and everyone who wants to enjoy nature and hike in the mountains.


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Stanciului Valley Trail

Vălul Miresei Waterfall – Vlădeasa Peak

This hike is longer and has its starting point the Dariana Guesthouse in Scrind Frăsinet, the Mărgău commune which is located at the foot of the Vlădeasa Mountain.

From the guesthouse to Vălul Miresei Waterfall approx. 9 KM can be traveled by bicycle rented from our resort or by car. Once we arrive at the Vălul Miresei Waterfall in Răchițele, we will stop to admire the waterfall, after which we will climb and descend approximately 1000 m altitude in those 13 km. We will cover the Răchițele Waterfall and Vlădeasa Peak trip on the Stanciului Valley in the Vlădeasa Mountains.

On this route to Vlădeasa Peak, we will also admire Pietrele Albe, it is a particularly beautiful route where we will spot the crest of the Vlădeasa Massif.

The hike on the Vălul Miresei Waterfall –Vlădeasa Peak route on the Stanciului Valley from Apuseni will have the following main objectives:

-Valea Stânciului and its depths – this is the valley where Vălul Miresei Waterfall was formed from Apuseni Mountains.

-Vălul Miresei Waterfall from Răchițele, the most spectacular waterfall in the Vlădeasa area and even in Romania

– Pietrele Albe – we will have an overview of the calcareous formation in Apuseni

– Vlădeasa Peak – is the highest peak of the Vlădeasa Massif, where we will have an overall view of the Apuseni Mountains at a height of 1836 m.

– Meteorological station Vlădeasa

Vălul Miresei Waterfall and Vlădeasa Peak  route on Valea Stanciului in the Vlădeasa Mountains is 5-6 hours long, and the effort will be rewarded with superb landscapes, mountain breeze and relaxation from the urban bustle.

Required equipment:

-Waterproof boots

-Hiking pants

-Thermal T-shirt


-Wind/rain coat

-Hat, basque



-Water container


-Thermos with hot tea


-Trekking poles

-New set of dry clothes

-Medicines for personal use

After such a long hike through , Dariana Guesthouse and La Bogdan Guesthouse are waiting for you at the restaurant to regain your strength, and then, in the SPA & Jacuzzi Apuseni area to relax your body.

The hike along the Vălul Miresei  Waterfall –Vlădeasa Peak route on the Stanciului Valley in the Vlădeasa Massif is preferred by those who organize team buildings, group parties, weddings and all those who love nature and want to burn their calories by exercising in nature by engaging in mountain activities.


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Bologa - Rogojel - Ciucea Trip

Once you stay at our guesthouses in Scrind Frăsinet, Mărgău, you can opt for an organized trip or on your own to visit most popular tourist attractions in Apuseni Mountains.

At a distance of 30 km or an hour’s drive from Dariana Guesthouse and La Bogdan Guesthouse you can visit:

– The Sequoia tree in Rogojel village, (Săcuieu commune) – is the most imposing tree in Apuseni. The Sequoia tree is located in the Vlădeasa area, between the villages of Săcuieuși and Rogojel, Săcuieu commune, Cluj county

– The medieval fortress of Bologa in the village of Bologa, Poieni commune, Cluj county is known as a Roman Castle built in 106 and which was a defense fortress of the Roman Empire, whose ruins can still be seen today.

– The water mill / whirlwind / “washing machine” in Bologa village, Poieni commune, Cluj county was built 710 years ago and is still functional today. It was built at the confluence of Crișul Repede river and Sacuieu river

– “Octavian Goga” Memorial Museum located in Ciucea, Cluj county

The trip to Bologa – Rogojel – Ciucea is recommended for people who are passionate about history, families with children and those who like poetry.


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Horseback riding trips through Apuseni Mountains

Dariana Guesthouse and La Bogdan Guesthouse organize on request for groups of tourists (through third parties), horseriding on various guided trails through Apuseni. Horseriding trips through Apuseni are appreciated by those who organize their team building in the mountains, weddings, horseriding enthusiasts and everyone who wants to visit the Vlădeasa Massif from the saddle. Discover new places and request horseriding in Apuseni to test your skills. Our resort offers you the opportunity to ride through Apuseni area on different routes or with our guides. Horseback riding trips will take place at our partner or at a mutually agreed location.

Horseriding trips through Apuseni can be:

– day trips

– multi-day trips

– hourly excursions (at our partner’s location)

– introduction to riding for those who are just starting to ride

– horseback riding on the terrain for the experienced, taking place on various mountain trails in the Apuseni (hills, meadows, forests, pastures)


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Tourist Attractions

Surprise your coworkers, your friens and your children with wonderful experiences in Apuseni Mountains. Discover new places and maybe new passions.

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