For accommodation near Vălul Miresei Watterfalls are waiting for you at our guesthouses in Apuseni, within the Green Mountain resort.


Vălul Miresei Waterfall from Răchițele

Our guests staying in the Dariana Guesthouse and the Bogdan Guesthouse appreciate the most the Vălul Miresei Waterfall in Răchițele, Mărgău commune, Cluj county. This waterfall at the foot of Vlădeasa mountain is only 17 km from Green Mountain Resort and is the most beautiful and impressive waterfall in Apuseni and probably even in Romania.

Vălul Miresei Waterfall in Răchițele is spectacular, the waterdrop is about 30 m and is located in the Apuseni mountains at 1000 m altitude. The name of the Vălul Miresei Răchițele waterfall is debatable between science and myth, leaving it up to an open discussion.

The name of the waterfall in Răchițele, Mărgău commune may be from its shape that resembles a veil made from waterdrop. A sad legend was also created, in which a bride from a wedding in Răchițele would have fallen and the veil remained hanging on the rocks and the wedding guests from Răchițele – Mărgău stayed for days in a row crying over the tragic accident, and the tears led to the formation of the waterfall.

Vălul Miresei Waterfall is also known as the Răchițele Waterfall, located in the village of Răchițele, Mărgău commune in the Vlădeasa Mountain.

Vălul Miresei Waterfall in Apuseni is easily accessible as there is an access road through Răchițele to reach it. In winter the waterfall turns into a wall of ice making it an excellent place to climb.


From the Vălul Miresei Waterfall, Răchițele county Cluj, there are several routes that bring together several tourist attractions:

Valul Miresei Waterfall Accomodation, the Route of the Caves trail

This mountain route has an average difficulty that can be covered in 3-4 hours, the route can be covered both in summer and in winter, being secured with chains. On the route Vălul Miresei Waterfall – Route of the Caves trail starting from Răchițele Waterfall in Apuseni, you will also reach the Şuşman Cave.

Vălul Miresei Waterfall Trail – Lespezi Peak

This hike through Apuseni has a low difficulty, lasting 3 hours round trip, being highly appreciated by families who spend their stay in the mountains, vacation or leave at Dariana Guesthouse, or La Bogdan Guesthouse.

Vălul Miresei Waterfall Trail – Vârful Vlădeasa on Valea Stanciului

The mountain trail starts from the Vălul Miresei Waterfall aiming at Vârful Vlădeasa on Stanciului Valley with a duration of about 4 hours. Vălul Miresei Waterfall is at an altitude of about 1000 m, while Vlădeasa Peak has an altitude of 1836 m, this difference in altitude will be traveled through Stanciului Valley. The distance between Vălul Miresei Waterfall and Vlădeasa Peak on the Valea Stanciului route is 13 km long and you will be able to admire Pietrele Albe as well as the crest of the Vlădeasa Mountains.


Other tourist attractions in the Apuseni area

Vălul Miresei Waterfall in Răchițele is the most popular tourist attraction in the Apuseni area, along with Beliș Lake, the Church under Beliș Lake, Mărișel Ski Resort, Iancului Cross Fântânele – Mărișel, the Village Museum of Mărișel, the Mărișel Hydropower Plant, the Beliș– Fântânele Dam, the Apuseni Natural Park Padis, Vlădeasa Peak, Lespezi Peak, Cetății Peak, Pietrele Albe, Stanciului Valley, Răchițele Valley, Bologa Fortress.

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